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Comb on over to Booth #1549

I must draw is the brainchild of pun Master Desiree B. sharing topical and playful visual puns in her third NSS show.  “I must draw” combines whimsical illustration with punny observation, from pop culture icons reimagined as animals to Birday cards, tote bags and pins.  From humble beginnings in a battered sketchbook, a cute Lion found its way to the Grammys after it was spotted in the wild and included in a grammy bag at an event honoring Mr. Lionel Richie !  Her delicious take on Macaroon 5 was featured on buzzfeed.

Debuting over 40 new designs this year alone, the puns just keep Combing!  Inspired by current events her ‘We are all human beans’ and 'Compassionate Fruit' reminds us that we’re all in this together, might as well laugh and share the lighter side of life.  

 Come discover greeting cards and clever designs at booth #1549 and find something that tickles your fancy.  

 We look forward to meeting you!


 25 words or less::

 Funny Punny Clever Cards.  Handmade illustrations of pop culture icons, pets and puns. Greeting cards, totes, magnets and pins. Comb discover something new.  



I Must Draw was formed in 2014 by Desiree B. a British transplant who ended up in sunny Huntington Beach, CA. With a background in art and a love of puns, greeting cards seemed to be the perfect blend of the two skills. Much to her surprise, America warmed to her irreverent use of puns and celebrity figures ! Their enthusiasm ( much less reserved than the Brits) spurred her on to create an entire line of cards and eventually brought her to the National Stationery Show.