The first post of 2019

The first post of 2019

Many moons ago, I must draw started life as a blog, mainly consisting of rambling and unrelated to the business of creating. Occasionally there would be the odd business focused blog but as I said mostly rambling. So why am I writing now ? Looking back on some of the old posts I realized that there is value in recording and reflecting so I'm going to attempt to write a weekly progress reports of sorts and I hope you'll join me. This week saw a return to the Ceramics Studio after a bit of a break. After many attempts over the years to master the art of throwing on a wheel I finally have reached a level where I sort of know what I'm doing. It's hard to keep plugging away at something you've failed at, I had kind of resigned myself to hand-building but then made the decision to just go for it and practice. It wasn't a short path to success it took about a year !

ceramic birds

Decorative birds made using a slab roller and knife. 


Trimming a pot on a friend's wheel.

Some recent pieces used in a photoshoot for cards , the back lady face is one of my favorites, I like her roundness. It occurs to me as I write that I really need to photograph the new pieces so that will be my task for the next blog post. Thanks for reading if you made it this far !

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